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The Healing Process of Microblading

First of all, thanks so much for reading and supporting my first blog post! I so appreciate all of you!!

Now let’s talk about how the brows heal after the initial microblading procedure. The healing process is totally and completely full of ups and downs. There is swelling, flaking, pigment loss, and pigment coming back.

Immediately after you get your brows microblading they can be red and swollen. This is totally normal, some people are more red than others, but this will go away usually within 24 hours. Your brows will also be a little darker and really bold immediately after, THIS IS WHAT WE WANT. I want your brows to be a little “too much” when you leave, because they will scab over, flake off, and then you are left with only the pigment underneath those scabs.



Your brows will continue to get darker for about the next week. The color will become what I like to call “patchy”, this means that the scabbing part is beginning to happen. Do not freak out. This is complete and totally normal. They will lighten up!

From day four to nine, your brows will be flaking off this whole time. It is so important that you do not pick, pull, scratch, itch, or touch your brows. They could be itchy, but please, please, please do not touch them.

Around day ten to twelve, it may look like you didn’t even get your brows microbladed. They will almost look like “holy crap, they’re gone”. Your brows will appear like they are completely gone during this time, but don't worry - they will still be there! And this is also why it is vital to have your touch up.

DAY 11

Between two weeks and four weeks, your brows will start to come back! But they will be patchy. Most of these patches will fill in over time but if for some reason some area doesn't take the touch up will help fill the gaps.


The touch up will be done after 6 weeks, before 10 weeks. One of the benefits of the touch up is to fill in any gaps that may get pulled out as a result of scabbing.

The most important thing you can do is set your expectations up early and TRUST your artist!

It is absolutely critical that you follow your aftercare instructions and trust in your artist to get the best possible result. ​

Be very thorough with following the aftercare instructions! I will go over the aftercare in my next blog post! Thank you so much for following! I just love you guys.

6 WEEKS HEALED (Before Touch Up)


Thank you for reading!!

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